PCP bpftrace

bpftrace PMDA installation

$ sudo dnf install pcp-pmda-bpftrace
$ cd /var/lib/pcp/pmdas/bpftrace
$ sudo ./Install

Query Formats

Time Series

Shows bpftrace variables as time series. For bpftrace maps, each key is shown as a separate target (i.e. line in a line graph), for example @counts[comm] = count(). If there are multiple variables (or scripts) defined, all values will be combined in the same graph.


Transforms bpftrace histograms into heatmaps.

The following settings have to be set in the heatmap panel options:

Setting Value
Format Time Series Buckets
Bucket bound Upper


Transforms CSV output of bpftrace scripts into a table. The first line must be the column names.

Legend Format Templating

The following variables can be used in the legend format box:

Variable Description
$metric0 bpftrace variable name
$instance bpftrace map key

More Information

bpftrace PMDA README