Installation (Fedora)

$ sudo dnf install grafana-pcp
$ sudo systemctl restart grafana-server
$ sudo systemctl start pmproxy

For other distributions, please refer to the Installation Guide.

After Grafana and grafana-pcp are installed, you can enable the plugin: Open the Grafana configuration, go to Plugins, select Performance Co-Pilot, and click the Enable button.

Data Sources

Before using grafana-pcp, you need to configure the data sources. Open the Grafana configuration, go to Data Sources and add the PCP Redis, PCP Vector and/or PCP bpftrace datasources.

The only required configuration field for each data source is the URL to pmproxy. In most cases, the default setting of http://localhost:44322 can be used. All other fields can be left to their default values.


Make sure the URL text box actually contains a value (font color should be white) and not the placeholder value (light grey text).


The Redis and bpftrace data sources need additional configuration on the collector host. See PCP Redis and PCP bpftrace.


After installing grafana-pcp and configuring the data sources, you’re ready to open the pre-installed dashboards or create new ones. Each data source comes with a few pre-installed dashboards, showing most of the respective functionality. Further information on each data source and the functionality can be found in the Data Sources section.