Performance Co-Pilot Grafana Plugin

Performance Co-Pilot (PCP) provides a framework and services to support system-level performance monitoring and management. It presents a unifying abstraction for all of the performance data in a system, and many tools for interrogating, retrieving and processing that data.


  • analysis of historical PCP metrics using pmseries query language
  • analysis of real-time PCP metrics using pmwebapi live services
  • enhanced Berkeley Packet Filter (eBPF) tracing using bpftrace scripts
  • automatic rate conversation for counter metrics
  • heatmap, table and flame graph [3] support
  • auto completion of metric names [1,2], qualifier keys and values [1], and bpftrace probes, builtin variables and functions [3]
  • display of semantics, units and help texts of metrics [2] and bpftrace builtins [3]
  • legend templating support with $metric, $metric0, $instance, $some_label, $some_dashboard_variable
  • container support [1,2]
  • support for custom endpoint URL [1,2,3] and container [2] setting per query
  • support for repeated panels
  • sample dashboards for all data sources

[1] PCP Redis [2] PCP Vector [3] PCP bpftrace

Getting started